Gint-A-Cuffs Pack 21-24: The Finale

September 7, 2009

Pack 21

3 Manny Parra
69 James Loney
160 Max Scherzer
71 Albert Pujols
38 Troy Glaus
119 Scott Lewis
NH35 Janos Damjanich +5
NP60 Stephen Drew


Pack Total: +5
Box Total: +275

Pack 22

148 Brad Lidge +1
127 JD Drew
260 Louis Braille
16 Josh Johnson
61 Burke Kenny +2
343 Doc Holliday SP +5
122 Dontrelle Willis black mini +3
NP59 Miguel Cabrera


Pack Total: +11
Box Total: +286

Pack 23

254 John Maine
1 Jay Bruce +2
47 JJ Hardy
40 Jeremy Hermida
96 Geronimo
29 Jonathan Pabelbon
323 Derek Jeter black mini (7 + 3 + 3 – 1)/2 = +6
NP56 Edinson Volquez


Pack Total: +8
Box Total: +294

Pack 24

222 Akinori Iwamura
245 Todd Helton
231 David Murphy
289 Milky Way -1
34 Ryan Dempster
313 Jeff Francis +5
298 Dan Haren A&G back mini +2
NP49 Max Scherzer


Pack Total: +6
Box Total: +300

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 17-20

September 7, 2009

Pack 17

238 Vincent Van Gogh
253 Miguel Cabrera
81 Willie Williams +2
213 Stephanie Brown Trafton
334 Pat Burrell SP +8 (I would be upset, but one of my two copies was mauled in a freak scanner accident)
AGHS6 Josh Beckett +3
297 Kolan McConiughey mini
NP57 Victor Martinez


Pack Total: +13
Box Total: +243

Pack 18

9 Ryan Theriot
94 Paul Maholm
24 Steve Wiebe
284 Kenshin Kawakami
146 Rich Harden
115 Ryan Doumit code +2
267 Melvin Mora black mini +3
NP40 Hideki Matsui -1


Pack Total: +4
Box Total: +247

Pack 19

246 General Custer
90 Bobby Crosby -1
252 Lastings Milledge
285 George Kottaras
318 Delmon Young SP +5
AGHS3 Randy Johnson +3
79 Electron A&G back mini -1
NP39 Shin-Soo Choo


Pack Total: +6
Box Total: +253

Pack 20

180 Russell Martin
37 Andre Ethier
13 Travis Hafner
60 Matt Holliday
338 Jason Wong SP +5
AGHS5 Josh Hamilton +5
LMT11 Leviathan +7
NP51 Albert Pujols
Pack Total: +17
Box Total: +270

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 13-16!

September 7, 2009

Pack 13

121 Ryan Church
113 Rafael Furcal
194 Brandon Morrow
33 Florence Nightingale
36 Joba Chamberlain -1
342 Sitting Bull +5
295 Brett Gardner -1
NP41 Raul Ibanez +2


Pack Total: +5
Box Total: +144

Pack 14

274 Josh Hamilton +2
129 Brian Giles
162 Shane Victorino +1
263 Brian Duensing
125 Randy Johnson
336 Ryan Ludwick SP +5
336 Ryan Ludwick SP mini +7
NP53 Vladimir Guerrero


Pack Total: +15
Box Total: +159

Pack 15

152 Phil Coke -1
201 Travis Snider
51 Ryan Perry
178 Adam Laroche +2
282 Eric Chavez
AGR-DAW David Wright SP batting gloves relic +12 x 5 = +60 (pending ruling)
HHB4 Idaho +5
NP54 Carlos Zambrano


Pack Total: +66
Box Total: +225

Pack 16

236 Edgar Renteria
230 Torii Hunter
58 Brad Hawpe
101 Andrew Bailey
136 Mickey Mantle -1
22 Mariano Rivera +1
208 Michael Young A&G back mini +2
NP58 Derek Jeter +3


Pack Total: +5
Box Total: +230

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 9-12!

September 7, 2009

You know the deal by now.

Pack 9

135 Jeff Suppan
167 Jim Thome
137 Mark Teixiera -1
35 Geovany Soto +2
30 Ryan Howard +1
345 Carlos Delgado +5
261 John Danks mini
NP61 Mark Teahen

scan0033It looks like Soto just let one slip and blamed it on somebody else.

Pack Total: +7
Box Total: +121

Pack 10

187 Brett Myers +1
227 Nelson Cruz
172 Jarrod Saltalamacchia
226 Ricky Romero
239 Chris Carpenter
64 Jordan Zimmerman
HHB18 The Piltdown Man +5
NP42 Edgar Renteria


Pack Total: +6
Box Total: +127

Pack 11

131 Rickie Weeks
286 Matt Kemp
143 Robbie Maddison
25 Evan Longoria +2
168 Adrian Gonzalez +2
54 Carlos Guillen
179 Trevor Hoffman black mini +3
NP50 Jair Jurrjens


Pack Total: +7
Box Total: +134

Pack 12

275 Vladimir Guerrero
45 Derrek Lee
279 Jon Lester
93 David DeJesus
41 Victor Martinez
138 Garrett Atkins code parallel +2
185 Dustin Pedroia mini +3
NP52 Daisuke Matsuzaka


Pack Total: +5
Box Total: +139

Gint-A-Cuffs Packs 5-8

September 7, 2009

Let’s keep it rolling.  Look for the rest of the break as soon as I can scan all of the cards.

Pack 5

175 Alfonso Soriano
283 Mike Aviles
65 Dexter Fowler
258 Felix Hernandez
218 Bobby Parnell
324 Wladimir Balentien +5 SP
153 CC Sabathia mini -1
NP47 Ryan Howard +2 Ryan should be worth more, especially in late August/early September when he hits all of his home runs.


Pack Total: +6
Box Total: +85

Pack 6

5 Luke Hochevar
233 John Lackey
109 Samuel Morse
155 Yadier Molina
272 Brad Nelson
74 Matt Tuiasosopo
NH12 Alexander Nevsky Russia +5
NP48 Jorge Cantu


Pack Total: +5
Box Total: +90

Pack 7

207 Jack Cust
185 Dustin Pedroia +2
102 Edinson Volquez
171 Brett Anderson
211 Kevin Millwood
325 Dioner Navarro SP +5
313 Jeff Francis SP mini +7
NP43 Jose Lopez


Pack Total: +14
Box Total: +104

Pack 8

174 John Lannan
268 Andy Pettitte -1
116 Charles Darwin
176 Ramiro Pena -1
AGR-DW Dontrelle Willis relic +8
107 Bryan Berg mini
NP62 Ryan Braun +4


Pack Total: +10
Box Total: +114

Gint-A-Cuffs!! (Finally) Packs 1-4

September 7, 2009

I know that my handful of readers have gotten used to my regularly irregular posting schedule.  For disappointing you these last few weeks, I apologize.  I have been pretty much underground with no Internet access.  However, that time spent underground has provided me with the funds to compete in that most noble of all cardosphere challenges – Gint-A-Cuffs!  Since I’m running out of time to submit my entry, I’m going to make a blizzard of posts over the next few hours to get all of my points scanned and accounted for.  Here’s hoping I can top the magnificent Bearded One’s total of 347 points.

Box Topper

CB No. 8 Signing of North Atlantic Treaty Organization +8
Pack Total: +8
Box Total: +8

Pack 1

169 Kazuo Matsui
75 David Wright +2
149 Chipper Jones +2
80 Joe Martinez
347 Yovani Gallardo SP +5
AGHS7 Manny Ramirez +3
203 Scott Kazmir mini
NP63 Carlos Beltran
Pack Total: +12
Box Total +20 (Off to a rip roaring start!)
Pack 2
221 Brandon Webb
193 Khalil Greene
48 Steve Young’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather
225 David Price
AGH-RJB Ryan Braun Jersey +8 x 5 = +40
285 George Kottaras mini
NP46 Carlos Ruiz +2  Go Chooch!
Pack Total: +42
Box Total: +62
Pack 3
267 Melvin Mora
97 Art Pennington +2
89 Elvis Andrus
82 Justin Verlander
311 Gavin Floyd SP +5
AGHS4 Carlos Zambrano +3
101 Andrew Bailey A&G back mini +2
NP45 Evan Longoria +4
Pack Total: +16
Box Total: +78 (Sitting pretty so far)
Pack 4
99 Chris Duncan
2 Zack Greinke
241 Trevor Cahill
228 Will Simpson/Archie Bunker
128 Red Moore +2
294 Tim Hudson
293 Ian Snell mini – good for the collection, useless for Gint-a-Cuffs
NP44 Yuniesky Betancourt
Pack Total: +2 (And now it starts to go down the tubes)
Box Total: +80

Scott Mathieson: On The Comeback Trail

August 12, 2009

In June 2006, the Phillies called up one of their top pitching prospects, a flamethrowing 22 year-old righthander named Scott Mathieson, to make a few spot starts for an ailing rotation.  He made three starts and one relief appearance, compiling an 0-2 record and a 5.48 ERA before being sent back down to the minors.  He was recalled in August and made four more starts, even recording his first major league win.  Then on September 2, he started the second game of a doubleheader.  On his sixth pitch of the evening, he felt a pop in his right elbow, an injury which required Tommy John surgery.

2005 Bowman Chrome Draft #126 Scott Mathieson


After recovering from his Tommy John surgery, Mathieson was able to pitch in 7 minor league games during the 2007 season.  Then he heard another pop.  Doctors misdiagnosed Mathieson’s second injury and recommended nerve surgery.  In early 2008, after attempting to rehab from the nerve surgery, he underwent his second Tommy John surgery.  After another long and arduous recovery, Mathieson stepped back on the field for the Gulf Coast League Phillies on June 25, 2009.  Since then, Mathieson has progressed to single A Clearwater and then to double A Reading. Over the three levels, Mathieson has compiled a 2-0 record, a 0.45 ERA, and 21 strike outs over 20 relief innings.  He has also been lighting up the radar gun at 98 miles per hour.  With all his recent success, Mathieson has lined himself up for a chance to help an injured Phillies bullpen when September callups are made.  Here’s hoping that this young man, who has endured so much in pursuit of his dream, continues his return to form.  For more information on Mathieson, check out these recent articles.

C’Mon Topps!

August 5, 2009

Really?  Topps is back to its lazy picture selection.  Check out this auction for the Pat Burrell Topps Chrome Gold Refractor.  Does that picture look familiar at all?  How about now:

2009 Topps Allen & Ginter #334 SP


Burrell has been on the Rays for about 2/3 of the season by now, I would think Topps could have sent a photographer out to a Rays game to snap another picture.  Instead, Topps copped out and decided to use the exact same picture in two consecutive releases.  Absolutely absurd.  I was really looking forward to this release and now I might not buy any at all.  For shame Topps, for shame!

The Push for 1,000 and Trade Me Your Pat Burrells!

August 3, 2009

A few days ago, I received my 975th different Pat Burrell card in the mail.  If you’re familiar with the early days of this blog, you might recognize it.  After almost two months of waiting, this card finally arrived from the guy who purchased the Frank Thomas cards.

2003 Playoff Portraits Materials Bronze #24B 087/100


I have to say that this card is pretty high up on the weirdest cards of the decade list, at least for me.  This is the front, with a nice artistic rendering of a picture of Pat.  The card is textured with brush strokes, to mimic a painting.  None of that is really all that uncommon, but this is:


There’s a jersey bit on this card…on the back.  I don’t get it.  I guess Donruss didn’t want to squish the picture on the front, but it’s not even really worth putting a jersey on this card.  What’s even worse is that there is also an autograph parallel, similar to this card, with the sig on the back in the same cut-out.  What a terrible idea, all in the name of squeezing the jerseys and autographs into the set!  Anyway, that’s card #975 in my Pat Burrell collection.

Now, despite, the blahness of that card, I’m very excited about reaching 975 different cards because it means I’m closing in on the 1,000 card mark.  To get me there a little faster, I’m going to run my very first contest!  I will be updating the 2003-2006 Burrell wantlists over the next few days so that everyone will know exactly which cards I do not have.  Here are the prizes for the contest:

Anyone who sends me a new Pat Burrell card will receive five cards of their favorite player in return, if my collection cooperates.  If I don’t have those cards, I will do my best to find something you will enjoy.

Anyone who sends me a new Pat Burrell serial numbered cards will receive three serial numbered cards of their favorite team (once again, collection willing) plus the five favorite player cards.

Anyone who sends a new jersey or bat or wall or jockstrap will receive two hits of their favorite team plus the serial numbered cards and the base cards of their favorite player.

Anyone who finds a new autograph, will receive one or two autographs plus everything from the relic level prizes.

And the grand prize, which will go to whomever sends me card #1,000, will be everything above plus another autograph from your favorite team.  The grand prize will be awarded regardless of the level of card received.

In Case You Haven’t Seen This Somewhere Else…

August 2, 2009

…Head over to Trader Crack’s Blog for a chance to win a cut signature!  There’s a pretty good chance for an awesome signature.  Good luck to everyone!