Gint-A-Cuffs!! (Finally) Packs 1-4

I know that my handful of readers have gotten used to my regularly irregular posting schedule.  For disappointing you these last few weeks, I apologize.  I have been pretty much underground with no Internet access.  However, that time spent underground has provided me with the funds to compete in that most noble of all cardosphere challenges – Gint-A-Cuffs!  Since I’m running out of time to submit my entry, I’m going to make a blizzard of posts over the next few hours to get all of my points scanned and accounted for.  Here’s hoping I can top the magnificent Bearded One’s total of 347 points.

Box Topper

CB No. 8 Signing of North Atlantic Treaty Organization +8
Pack Total: +8
Box Total: +8

Pack 1

169 Kazuo Matsui
75 David Wright +2
149 Chipper Jones +2
80 Joe Martinez
347 Yovani Gallardo SP +5
AGHS7 Manny Ramirez +3
203 Scott Kazmir mini
NP63 Carlos Beltran
Pack Total: +12
Box Total +20 (Off to a rip roaring start!)
Pack 2
221 Brandon Webb
193 Khalil Greene
48 Steve Young’s Great-Great-Great Grandfather
225 David Price
AGH-RJB Ryan Braun Jersey +8 x 5 = +40
285 George Kottaras mini
NP46 Carlos Ruiz +2  Go Chooch!
Pack Total: +42
Box Total: +62
Pack 3
267 Melvin Mora
97 Art Pennington +2
89 Elvis Andrus
82 Justin Verlander
311 Gavin Floyd SP +5
AGHS4 Carlos Zambrano +3
101 Andrew Bailey A&G back mini +2
NP45 Evan Longoria +4
Pack Total: +16
Box Total: +78 (Sitting pretty so far)
Pack 4
99 Chris Duncan
2 Zack Greinke
241 Trevor Cahill
228 Will Simpson/Archie Bunker
128 Red Moore +2
294 Tim Hudson
293 Ian Snell mini – good for the collection, useless for Gint-a-Cuffs
NP44 Yuniesky Betancourt
Pack Total: +2 (And now it starts to go down the tubes)
Box Total: +80

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