Two More 2009s

If I know one thing as a player collector, it’s that I rarely ever pull the card I want.  As a result, I usually just buy the Burrell cards to save a little money on sets I don’t want to collect.  Here’s the Burrell base card from 2009 SP Legendary Cuts, which is a good looking set but very expensive, given the large number of cut autos inserted into the set.

2009 SP Legendary Cuts #75


Sometimes, I want to collect a set, but the Burrell card is just too tough to pull and I always want two copies.  That’s the case here, with Pat’s 2009 Allen & Ginter base SP card.  I found a seller with 2 copies for $1, as well as the Legendary Cuts card above, and I just jumped all over it.  Of course, now I will pull a Burrell SP in every box of 2009 A&G that I buy.


These three cards bring my total Burrell collection up to 955 unique cards.  The Legendary Cuts base card lets me put that set to bed and the Allen & Ginter gives me a good start on all of the parallels from that set.  Look for more Allen & Ginter parallels in the coming weeks.


One Response to Two More 2009s

  1. Mark says:

    Hey, Sorry I forgot to get back to you on that Pat the Bat jersey card. How about you send me an email to my personal email account and we can work something out… Any chance you got the 09 A&G Lincecum card?

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