Aaarrrrgggh! Pat’s an SP!

2009 Allen & Ginter is live and auctions are starting to pop up all over eBay.  The last couple of days have seen pre-sells of the Burrell card with no pictures.  All the auctions have Pat listed as card #334, which makes an SP unless they did something hinky with the SP numbering this year.  The first picture went up at 10:30 last night:

AGBurrellLook at that smile!  I think the girls over at Dinged Corners will have to add this to their collection.  I really like the black border this year, with all the ornamentation.  It’s an improvement over the plain black borders of the past couple of years.  The base card will almost certainly look great as well.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these Burrell cards!


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