I’m Baaaaack!

…With new Burrells to boot.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for me.  I visited a friend out in western NY and then I was home for a little while just to turn around and head to northern NJ for a wedding.  While I was gone, a few new Pat Burrell cards reached my mailbox.  Starting with the most awesome of a pile of awesome:

2002 Ultimate Collection Signatures Tier 1 #PB1 77/95


Love love love this card.  Any current Phillies card with throwback unis is ok by me.  Actually, I like any card with throwback uniforms.  The signature is very sloppy and its on what feels like an index card.  The auto is in a recessed window so I can’t tell if it the card was signed by Pat or if it was just placed inside the card.  Either way, I like it and it’s one more card off the list.

Oooh look a cheesy ’90s short print!

1999 Skybox Premium #248S SP


One thing Pat can never be accused of is moving quickly enough to leave a vapor trail of color behind him.  This card reminds me of looking into a rookie card kaleidoscope or maybe infrared goggles.  It’s a varation on this card, which I found much easier to acquire:

1999 Skybox Premium #248


This one is slightly less kaleidoscopy, but still has 1999 written all over it.  I believe the SP variation version of this set is a just different picture in a horizontal format.  I’m sure somebody can correct me if I’m wrong.  This card is one of the few Burrell close-ups I have seen from this era in which he doesn’t have the squinty eyes and open mouth.  What’s that you say?  Check the back?

scan0041There it is!  Poor Pat, done in by poor photo selection.

2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Gold #55 063/100


Ahhh, Gold Label.  One of the better looking Topps set ideas from the late ’90s and early ’00s.  Much better than Tek anyway.  The premise was to have three different classes of the base set.  The first class featured the player batting, the second class featured him fielding, and the third class featured him running the bases.  The smaller picture on the front of the card was consistent among the three classes.  This parallel of Class 2 features a gold bar on the right side and a gold sheen over the rest of the card.  This card also features some unnecessary die cuts on each side.  Here are the three base classes:

2000 Topps Gold Label Class 1 #55

2000 Topps Gold Label Class 2 #55

2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3 #55


I won’t show you, but the photo on the back also has a close up of Burrell with a stupid look on his face.

2003 Fleer Focus JE Materialistic Oversized #PB

2003 Fleer Focus JE Materialistic Action Home #PB 14/50


I picked these cards up from two different eBay sellers, and they work well together just to show how ginormous the oversize card is.  It appears that the oversize card features the picture from the Action Home card and the Action Away card.  I don’t have the Action Away version, so that’s just a guess.  The weird thing about these cards is that the pictures are printed on jersey-like material.  I guess this was the first stab at the manufactured patch card.  The oversize card came with a few bent edges, most likely because its almost impossible to store.  I’m going to have to run out to the card shop to find a giant toploader.

It feels good to be back.


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  1. Drew says:

    Any luck on finding Yankee cards?

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