The Best of the Rest – Topps Heritage

To save you from the boredom of reading six more pack breaks of a thoroughly blog-dissected set, I will just post the SPs, inserts and chromes from the other packs.

#438 Chris Coste SP

#490 Ryan Braun AS SP


In my recent move back home from a certain “Mr. Jefferson’s University”, the SPs and inserts to ’09 Heritage have been separated from their short set compatriots.  As a result I cannot confirm my feeling that I have both of these SPs already.  I am fairly certain on the Coste, but the first copy found its way into my Phillies team set.  This copy should fill a nice hole in my set.  If I do have the Braun, he will be for trade.

#455 Baltimore Orioles Coaches


I’ve found that one of the drawbacks of reading other people’s blogs is that I can’t remember if I have a card.  Usually I will know by whether or not I have seen the card before, but now I see the cards on other people’s blogs and I get all confused.  This is one of those cards.  I don’t think I have it, but I know I’ve seen it somewhere.  Maybe in my box o’ Heritagey goodness, maybe on your blog.  It’s good to see former Phil Juan Samuel on a card though.  If anybody has an extra copy or two of the Phillies coaches, I am in great need.

#C55 Russell Martin


The only Chrome card that I found in the seven packs was this card of Russell Martin.  I used to really enjoy Russell Martin, especially what he brought to my fantasy teams, but then I was exposed to him for an extended period of time during the 2009 NLCS.  I got a very whiny vibe from him during those five games, very much like former Dodgers/Mets catcher Paul LoDuca.  I’m much less of a fan nowadays.

#TME-CJ Chipper Jones

#TME-AS Alfonso Soriano

#BF5 Luis Aparicio


Two more Mayo inserts and a Baseball Flashbacks insert.  Once again, the Mayos are simple, elegant, fantastic-looking cards.  I have a great respect for Chipper Jones and the way that he plays the game.  Soriano is a great player who I still wish had signed with the Phillies a few years ago.  Mr. Aparicio gets this flashback card in rememberance of Bill Veeck “as in wreck” placing last names on the back of uniforms for the first time.

That’s it for the SPs and inserts.  Of the base cards in the packs, I found nine that filled holes in my set.  I will try to get a want list up as soon as I can find the SPs and inserts.  The nine new cards are #45 Jeff Keppinger, #98 Shaun Marcum, #200 Ken Griffey Jr., #253 Alex Cintron, #286 Francisco Rodriguez, #289 Carlos Delgado, #317 Joey Votto, #379 Michael Young, and #399 Young Hill Stars.

I will be out of town for the next few days, but I will have a good luck post up tomorrow.  Happy collecting.


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