2009 Topps Heritage Retail Pack

It’s finally time for a little non-Phillies content. I ran into Target today and picked up a few packs of 2009 Topps Heritage on my way out.  This pack turned out to be filled with Phils and a few vanquished opponents.  Here’s what I found in the first pack, from top to bottom:

#73 David Price


Pretty great way to start the pack.  I’m not completely sold on Price, but everybody else seems to be and he has pitched very well since being called up from Durham on May 25.  It could be that I’d just rather have a card of somebody I know is great rather than somebody that has the potential to be great.  Still a very nice card to have.  Of course, Price represents the 2008 AL Champion Rays, who were defeated by the Phillies in the World Series.

#8 Gil Meche


Gil appears to be deep in thought.  I like that in a baseball card.  On the field, Meche has quietly put together a very good couple of years for the Royals, finishing with a sub-4.00 ERA in 2007 and 2008.  He is well on his way to repeating that feat this year.

#319 Mike Aviles


Eh.  He’s hitting .183/.208/.250 in 183 at bats for the Royals this year, which is a steep drop from last year’s .325/.354/.480 line.  Meche and Aviles both suit up for the Royals, defeated by the Phils in the 1980 World Series.

#286 Francisco Rodriguez


Frankie Rodriguez is quickly climbing the charts of my most disliked Mets, mostly because he’s really good.  He appears to have brought his street walker lipstick to the park today.

#TN1 Ernie Banks/Ryan Howard


Nice insert card here featuring Ernie Banks and Ryan Howard.  The back shows that Banks led the majors in home runs in 1960 and Howard followed suit in 2008.  The 41 Banks hit in 1960 marked his fourth consecutive year with 40+ home runs.  Howard’s 48 in 2008 marked his third consecutive year of 40 or more.  Howard is well on his way to reaching that milestone again with 19 on the year.  The thing I love most about this card is the old school Cubs logo.  It’s definitely nice to see that on 2009 cards.  Topps probably could have found a better picture of Ryno to celebrate his 48 home runs.

#TME-HR Hanley Ramirez


This card is why I have switched to buying retail exclusively for Topps Heritage.  With the Mayo inserts, the retail packs are a great value.  You are almost guaranteed at least one insert, short print, or chrome card in each pack, for $3.  Some packs even have two inserts like this fine pack.  Hobby offers maybe a 2 in 3 chance of a non-base card with a better chance of a hitting a $2 jersey card for $5 or $6.  Just a much better deal overall.  And Hanley Ramirez is pretty awesome overall.  I just wish he played for the Mariners or some other team we never play.

#416 J.C. Romero


The Phils just got J.C. back and it’s been a little rough sledding so far with his command.  I think he’s getting back into midseason form, which will be great for a beaten up bullpen.  This card just screams “I didn’t knowingly take performance enhancing drugs.”

#197 Orlando Hudson

This is the only card that I can’t really link to the Phillies, but I like it because I needed it for the set and Orlando Hudson is verrrrrry good.

That’ll do it for this pack.  Overall, I think this was a great pack, with the worst card being the Aviles AS Rookie card.  The rest is full of Phillies and stars.  I can’t complain with my two inserts for $3.  I’ve got 6 more packs of Heritage to post over the next couple of days and I’ve still got to show off that package from my favorite eBay seller, which will include an accompanying post over on Auto-Matic for the People.

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