King Cole Cards – Hey, That’s A Great Name For A Blog

I promised some non-PTB cards the other day, so I’ll post some brand spankin’ new Cole Hamels cards.   Hamels got roughed up a little bit in five innings of work against the Mets today.  Thankfully, the “choke artists” (Hamels’ words, not mine) gave up the lead in the seventh and the game in the 11th on a Chase Utley home run.  Let’s celebrate with an incomplete Heroes rainbow:

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Sea Green #136 13/99
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Brown #136 034/149
2008 Upper Deck Heroes Navy Blue #136 018/199

Like I said the other day, I absolutely love the look of these parallels.  The “navy blue” looks fantastic with all of that red Hamels is wearing.  Another thing I really like about these cards is the way that Hamels escapes the frame of the photo.  There’s always a place in my collection for some Heroes.

2008 Finest Refractors Black #96 45/99
2008 Topps Opening Day Gold #16 2005/2199
2009 Topps Turkey Red #TR41

Nothing too earth shattering here.  The thing that sticks out the most to me is the facsimile signature on the Opening Day card.  It looks really nothing like his autograph today, which you can see here.  That auto must be from his original contract with Topps.  The Turkey Red brings me one step closer to finishing my Phillies 2009 Topps team set.  Like a lot of other bloggers, I’m really starting to enjoy the Turkey Reds as an insert to the flagship.  It’s still a beautiful throwback card design, but I like having one less SP-laden set to collect.  If you continue to read the blog, I think you’ll get to see me build my Cole Hamels collection as he takes PTB’s place as an enjoyable and relatively affordable Phillie to collect.  Back tomorrow night with a package from my favorite eBay seller.

One Response to King Cole Cards – Hey, That’s A Great Name For A Blog

  1. stephen says:

    Hello – This is Stephen from the Easy Life – yes that Utley is for trade – really if you have any rad mets stuff or want list stuff it will be easy to obtain – shoot me a line @ stephenbrown1980 at and i am sure we can easily work something out!

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