Has This Ever Happened To You?

Coming home from work today, I see that my favorite person, the mailman, has left me three padded envelopes.  I have a few eBay auctions that I’m still waiting on, so the contents will be somewhat of a surprise.  However, I know there’s going to be mostly Burrells and Cole Hamels cards in there.  So I open the first package and it’s a stack of four to five toploaders.  I see the back of one of the cards and I see this:

Frank Thomas

Hmm…Frank Thomas?  I thought maybe the guy threw in a Thomas base card or something.  That wouldn’t be so terrible now would it?  But then I open the package and I find these four cards:


This wouldn’t have been a bad little haul if I had actually bought them.  Four pretty nice game used pieces of future Hall of Famer Frank Thomas.  I especially like that Big Hurt jersey and the bat card in the lower lefthand corner.  The seller included a printout of the PayPal payment, so I was able to identify him.  I discovered that he should have sent me this card:


If I had decided to keep my mouth shut, I would’ve made out a whole lot better with those Thomas game used cards than just this poor little Pat Burrell jersey card.  Each one of the Big Hurt cards went for more than my Burrell card.  However, I contacted the seller and informed him of his mistake.  Hopefully the guy who should have received these cards got my card and we can just mail them to each other.   In the past, sellers have made mistakes that are pretty understandable, such as a blue parallel instead of the green or something of that kind.  However, I don’t think I’ve ever received cards that were clearly intended for someone else.  How about you?

I figured this was more interesting to other people than a few Phillies cards, so I’ll post those beauties tomorrow.


2 Responses to Has This Ever Happened To You?

  1. Sooz says:

    I’ve sent the wrong card to someone once. Sometimes we have one of those days. I wouldn’t have kept the cards either because I just want my own cards.

  2. […] with the early days of this blog, you might recognize it.  After almost two months of waiting, this card finally arrived from the guy who purchased the Frank Thomas […]

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