This Weekend’s Hit Haul

Along with the SPs and numbered cards that I posted yesterday, I also bought a few hits including one that has escaped me for quite a long time, but no longer.

2004 Sweet Spot Sweet Sticks #PB 032/199


First up is this 2004 Sweet Spot bat card.  There’s something poetic about bat cards of a guy nicknamed The Bat.  I really like the design of this card although I think Sweet Sticks would have gone better at the top of the card.  Finding nice cards like this really makes me wish Topps and Upper Deck would put out more bat cards.  It seems that their inclusion in products has steadily declined since they were introduced.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jersey Light Blue #137 102/200

Heroes jersey

This another one of the confusing parallels from 2008 Heroes that I talked about yesterday.  I really like this jersey swatch because it includes a bit of the stitching from up around the neck area.  The stitching is almost invisible in the scan, but it runs from the bottom right hand corner to the middle of the top border.  I have two jerseys and two patches left to complete the material parallels of this set.

2009 Upper Deck UD Game Jersey #GJPB


This card comes from 2009 UD Series 1.  The jersey is kind of bland and I hate that UD made the PB – look like jersey swatches.  I’m still trying to track down the quad jersey and patch versions of this card.  I haven’t even seen one of the quad jerseys on eBay and the patch cards that I’ve seen were all kind of blah one color patches.

Finally, we have the autograph that I’ve been chasing since 2002:

2002 Topps Autographs #TA11


This card marked the fourth consecutive year that Burrell had an auto inserted into either Topps flagship or the Traded set.  I’m not sure how I feel about the design of this card.  The white space works for some autographs like this one of Jimmy Rollins, who has a fairly long autograph.  Burrell’s is pretty compact generally so there’s a lot of white space on this card.  But I can’t complain about an on card auto delivered for ten bucks.

That’s it for the hits from this weekend’s haul.  Stay tuned tomorrow for a few random cards that I picked up along with these Burrell cards.


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